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Section provides a variety of services for patients with liver

Section equipped with the latest devices and technologies and managed elite of gentlemen faculty members are drugged all cases undergoing surgery Hospital National Liver Institute and including liver transplants





Is a scientific departments at the Institute of Liver  Menoufia University and taught for 32 students from graduate students master the first part of the Master students liver medical and liver in children and liver surgery

In the department, faculty members are as follows: - Number 2 Assistant Professor and prepare scientific lessons number 1 Assistant Lecturer - 2 Teaching Assistant

The department teaches lectures in runway is equipped with a projector and screen display and the runway accommodate 35 students

The section on the microbiological laboratory and viruses, which are given a lesson in the practical part of it as well is all the work of viral and bacterial analysis of patients in a hospital by the National Liver Institute has


Faculty members have participated department and number 2 in the quality of performance achievements made by viruses Department and Microbiology and Immunology during the academic year business studies A'ea- System Project The department teaches a substance viruses and Microbiology and Immunology for students of Master's first liver medicine part medicine liver in children and liver surgery Supervising Messages 

Dr.Enas Ghonim

Head of Microbiology Department

In response to the goals declared National Liver Institute since its establishment (institute therapeutic - research - tutorial) On the basis of the conviction that the Medicine Department of the liver play a significant role in providing medical service for patients with liver visitors to the Institute from all over Egypt in the field of various liver diseases to Mavan Medicine Department of the liver may put his policy in cooperation with the rest of the Institute sections "surgery - laboratories and X" and so on to activate these three objectives through the development of elements of the medical service

of the three accepted a [human - equipment - place]

 medical conditions that can be caused by the presence of liver parasites. Symptoms and treatment options are similar for each type, although there may be some differences. Some of the most common symptoms include abdominal pain, jaundice, and weight loss. Muscle pain, fever, and diarrhea are also potential symptoms of parasites in the liver.


Trichinosis is a disease that can lead to the development of liver parasites. This disease is frequently caused by eating undercooked meat from an animal infected with the trichinella spiralis parasite. These symptoms often include abdominal cramping or pain, diarrhea, and muscle pain. The muscle pain associated with this condition is usually the most noticeable when performing actions such as chewing or breathing.


Clonorchiasis is another potential cause of liver parasites. This disease results from eating raw or undercooked fish obtained from an area where this parasitic worm is found. Symptoms of this condition may include chills, fever, and loss of appetite. Jaundice, or a yellowing of the skin and eyes, sometimes develops due to this condition, as does diarrhea. Liver damage or failure may occur in severe cases. 


Schistomiasis can lead to infection with liver parasites and is caused by drinking contaminated water. Symptoms of schistomiasis often include fever, chills, and the development of a rash. Some people may have an enlarged spleen, liver, and lymph nodes. Bloody stools and painful urination may also occur with this condition.

Dr.Abd Elgwad Elsaid Abd Elgwad

Dr.Abd Elgwad Elsaid Abd Elgwad

Head of Parasitology Department


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